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Website: Defiance

Developer: Trion Worlds, Human Head Studios

Category: MMO based on SYFY TV Series, Free To Play, SciFi

I got into this game for the irathient chicks and I’m not afraid to say it. Irisa made an impression on me – in the same way Liv Tyler’s appeal goes right up when she puts on a pair of pointy ears. For some stupid reason I think if I play the game it’ll somehow intensify the experience but the ugbe wants what the ugbe wants.

Welcome to San Francisco after the armistice – an evolving world best viewed through the targeting apparatus of your gun. Guns, cars, alien races consoles and computer collide in one vibrant and adrenaline-charged world that unfolds seamlessly from shore to terraformed shore. Defiance is fast, furious and free to play.


I joined Defiance at a good time. I found the basic engine itself slick and remarkably bug free – far from how veterans of the game described Defiance up to about six months ago. The game world had expanded and I arrived in the middle of some fairly exciting events and I arrived on the other side of some major changes that had divided the community and seen a lot of foundation players leave. I’m a fairly solitary player so being able to onsistently ransack my way across San Fran looting as I went got a big thumbs up from me. You almost have to hose guns off your front steps every morning because they’re everywhere and a good set of reliable guns are the key to Defiance. Wheels are also very easy to get too and once you can tag the various bases across the map you’ve got almost everything you need.


The gameworld is dynamic – there are random events triggering all the time and an interesting mechanic based on threat assessment more or less scales all encounters to thew players who turn up the more people turn up the more epic the event becomes which means tastier goodies will drop once the smoke clears. This is a gift for players with a lower EGO rating – an aggregate system the game uses to calculate your capacity as a character but the mechanic seems to turn on itself in the middle levels where you reach a point of always seeming to be behind the eight-ball in battles. The boss-fights are exciting and when lots of other players turn up it begins to feel like you are a part of something big. If you’re competitive (like me) and trying to get in that top ten then every moment is spent improving – improving your kill rate, safety, preparation for the next step in the battle and improving your DPS.

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MMO has become a degraded term – at least for those who have been gaming online since the beginning. And full marks for at least attempting to tick the boxes – communication tools albeit a little slap dab, guilds although they feel cumbersome and lacklustre. But perhaps this is MMO in the millennial sense – we’re all in the same place but we’re coexisting through a screen and I’m here for me not us. If you are in fact the ark hunter – and the first 15 minutes of the very first episode of Defiance will spell out exactly what that means – then you will feel at home. Don’t expect a rollicking good time in the guild hall or organised raiding.

The game world eventually feels too small – especially once you’ve unlocked every corner and can jump from one corner to the other in a moment. With experience comes a degree of boredom as well and even the quests begin  to feel like business. Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of ways this game could have gone and I’m thrilled they went the road they traveled. You can play this game without watching the TV show or taking anything too seriously and that in itself adds to its immersiveness.

Perhaps the they let the proverbial kwiri out of the bag too early? End game? You’re soaking in it because whatever your ego rating you will be repeating the same game mechanics despite some of the content only unlocking at a higher EGO rating. Long story short? You’ll inevitably reach a point where you just know you have felt as excited as you are ever going to feel about this game and you’re on the downhill part of the ride.


I loved Defiance for as long as it could keep that feeling of freedom alive in me and for some time I felt that smug feeling of being faster, nastier and hungrier than the other ark hunters around me. If the world was bigger I’d probably still be there right now.




Pros: Beautiful, immersive game world

Cons: Quickly becomes too small




Pros: Simple crafting system

Cons: Lacks skill diversity, Poor Social Tools



Pros: Multiplatform Implementation, Seamless Continuous map




Pros: Instance based quests are interesting

Cons: Quests become repetitive







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