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john John Stejskal is a commercial developer by day and indie developer by night, working on a platform game called “Blood And Mead”. He’s also a full time dad of an 11 month old baby. John lives in Sydney, Australia. ” Making games often feels like destiny to me. I was always known as a creative child, drawing and writing creative stories. I also used to play a lot of Nintendo! When I was around 10 years old, I used to conceptualise games ideas on paper. I had planned to send them to Nintendo, as I thought that’s how games at the time were made. I once called the Nintendo hotline asking them how I can get a job making games.”


fabian” I was always drawing and making music since I can think.” says Fabian Schaub of German game studio Navel – a core team of two working on a party game called “Mimics”. “The first time I seriously thought about making games – and started designing some – was after I played Final Fantasy 7. The formula of JRPGs was a perfect playground for my imagination and kept me going for several years.”

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harryHarry Goergens has a professional history in commercial software development for which he has received major awards including the German Design Award, the Red Dot and the IF-Award. He also has a background in design, computer sciences and economics. ” Part of the decision to finally take a leap with gaming had to do with creative boredom, but once I had met these wonderful and talented people with whom I was confident -and by now can see- that we will not only achieve but over-deliver on our initial targets.” Harry and Konspiracy Games are a team of six are working on “Blossom & Decay” – an MMO ARPG.

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connorConnor Gill started working on “Topper Goat” at Edwards University in Austin, Texas as a personal project but has recruited fellow students Lance Jasper and Alexis Abesamis as Topper Goat pushes toward release. ” I probably spent half of my childhood playing Pokémon. I think that was the foundation for my love of art, music, and interactive experiences. I started teaching myself how to draw, and I took piano lessons at fourteen. By my senior year of high school, I started to get interested in game development because I wanted to apply my creative skills in an interactive setting.”

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